The products of the Company, identified by article codes “ZMIC” and “ZMIC_IC,” are sophisticated additives of cement and concrete designed to bolster the structures, building parts, and concrete paths. These products are manufactured in cooperation with the country’s major research centers to make them environmentally friendly.

The promoted pozzolan with its convenience, ease of application, and capability to be converted to gel is a practical alternative to “flay ash” and “ silica fume.” It is also a proper replacement for cement in 30 percent of structures with no resistance reduction.


Products Advantages:
– Reduce the drawbacks of poor quality building materials
– Reducing the penetration of chlorine in the salty environments such as wharves and oil rigs
– Compatibility with novel technologies in manufacturing prefabricated concrete parts and concrete paths replaced with asphalt in road making.
– Reducing the dehydration temperature in massive concrete placing and cement laying

Massive dam and bridges constructed in the west and south of the Country
– Concrete curbs and new jersey, cement plus
– Incorporated in mortars of metals melting and casting
– Implemented in neighboring countries for oil well drilling and town construction