Urea Granular N46

with 46 percent nitrogen content is a solid nitrogen fertilizer product

Urea Granular N46

The OM Paya Company is honored by having a reputable agents and their sources In countries, Canada, European, Asian, The ability to supply Urea Granular N46% from origin of Russia ,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iran.

In addition to local market, we are to able to export our product to countries including China, India, Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, etc…

Our expert team are your side if you need technical consultation. We provide best service to our customers including technical consultation, testing services, compounding services, in line with fast delivery of Urea Granular N46% to you.

We offer Urea Granular N46% with best prices in local and international market and our customers , trading companies and End User rely on our pricing system and regard us as reference of Diesel Oil pricing in the region.